Aroma Facilities

With annual renovations & maintenance and continuous additions of the latest technologies to our factories, KFF proudly opens its factories to periodic audits by its principals, partners, and clients with minimum results of 90% over the years.

KFF’s Facilities

Extraction Units; Absolute Units; Distillation Plants; Fraction Distillation Facilities; Flavor Units; Fragrance Units; Compounding Units; Cosmetic Factory; Aromatherapy Units; Medical Extraction Units.


  •   Microbiology Laboratory
  •   Absolute & Concrete Laboratory
  •   Formulation Laboratory for Flavors & Fragrances
  •   Physical & Chemical Laboratories
  •   GC/MS Laboratories
  •   Sensory Laboratory
  •   Application Laboratory
6th of October Industrial City Factory - Giza

Located in the fourth industrial zone in the 6th of October Industrial City over an area of 10,000 m², the factory was built to accommodate our aroma and hotel amenities productions complying with international standards.

Contacts Information

  4th Industrial Zone, Plot 83 – 6th of October, City | Giza 12451 | Egypt

 +202 3833 4101/ 074

 +202 3833 4079

6th of October Scope of Production
Factory Area 4000 m²
Kom El Naggar Factory - Gharbeya

Our factory is located in the midst of the rich Delta plantations in Kom El Naggar to shorten the period between the agriculture areas and its distillation and/ or extraction to ensure high quality of essential oil content.

Contacts Information

  Kom Al Nagar – Bassioun

Kom El Naggar scope of operations
Factory Area 15000 m²
Essential Oils Products
  • Natural Essential Oils

    KFF has a long and proud history as a pioneer in the Egyptian world of aromatics spanning over almost half a century. With the growing global awareness and demand for the aroma industry and products, KFF is set to position itself as a world-renowned company in our field.

  • Flavors & Fragrances

    What do you call Flavors & Fragrances labs that are equipped with the latest technologies and run by a veteran who is considered one of the pillars in this field to create and offer countless products…here in KFF we call it MAGIC!!

our esteemed clients

Below are some of our esteemed clients:

  •   Albert Vieille
  •   Berje
  •   Bioland
  •   CPL Aromas
  •   Cookson
  •   Excellentia
  •   Firmenich
  •   Givaudan
  •   IFF
  •   Lluch
  •   Robertet
  •   Phoenix
  •   Sensient
  •   Symrise
Our esteemed Principals
  •   Sonarome